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Hello, my name is Renee White, and I am an avid horse rider and horse lover.  I grew up out in the country where I worked daily with horses starting at a young age.  In fact, there has rarely been a time where horses have not been the center of my life. 


While my training has been through experiences, this type of background has afforded me the opportunity to learn and be adaptable to the horse’s needs.  My sister and I would often just jump on the back of a horse and go, hoping we would come back on it.


With both parents working, horses became our life line.   

Renee White

As I got older, my involvement with horses started to change.  I got married to my husband Darrel, 26 years ago.  This was a big adjustment because he was a soldier in the United States Army.  As a military wife, I found myself moving from location to location, which made owning a horse a little more difficult.  However, my love and passion was still there, so I found ways to incorporate horses into my life.  While stationed in Kansas, I found a local ranch where I was able to work.  I learned many things while there, but possibly the most memorable was the bond I established with a newborn filly named Echo.  It was four years into our marriage, that Darrel gave me one of the best surprises I could ever ask for…he purchased Echo for me.  


In the past 25 years I’ve either owned or worked with horses on a regular basis.  What I’ve learned is that when you are passionate about something, you find a way to bring it into your life.  Any seasoned horseman can tell you there is always something to learn about a horse and this is perhaps one of the reasons I feel so strongly about what I do.  Knowing how to care for these majestic creatures can be overwhelming.  When Equi-First Aid  was presented to me, I knew this was my calling. I love helping people so this idea seemed like the perfect fit.  I am dedicated to helping horse owners and horse lovers to improve the health and safety of their horses.  I am able to do this by providing emergency first aid training to individuals, and organizations across the United States.

With 80% percent of horses functioning with pain, spending a day learning pain identification and alleviation as well as various life-saving measures is the most important thing you'll ever do as a horse owner.
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